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The ‘Protracted Displacement Economies’ research project invites you to a preview screening of the feature film


The ‘Protracted Displacement Economies’ research project invites you to a preview screening of the feature film

How We Work (76 mins, 2024)

Screened with short film Matar (23 mins, 2024)

Followed by a panel disucssion with:

Ayman Alhussein - Screenwriter, Matar

Asli Tatliadim, Head of Campaigns at Refugee Action + co-secretariat for the Lift the Ban campaign

Yasmin Fedda - Co-director & producer of How We Work

Prof Mike Collyer - Protracted Displacement Economies (chair)


6:00 - 6:30 PM Drinks reception and snacks

6:30 - 8:30 PM Film screenings + discussion

This event is hosted by the Institute for Humanties and Social Sciences at QMUL (IHSS) and The Protracted Dispalcement Economies Research Project (University of Sussex)

How We Work (76 mins, 2024)

Being forcibly displaced means existing in a state of limbo. How We Work is a co-created film that celebrates the dignity of the human spirit in building relationships and community wherever people are—in particular, through work. Despite restrictions around the right to work, from Democratic Republic of Congo to Ethiopia, Lebanon to Pakistan via Myanmar/Thailand, forcibly displaced people and refugees worldwide develop their own economies. These playful, reflective and often unexpected vignettes also broaden the frame of economics by underlining the value of non-financial transactions, such as care and mutual aid, and invite us to understand that a 'displacement-affected community' includes 'host' populations, as well as refugees and those displaced.


Matar (23 mins, 2024)

Directed by Bafta-winning director, Hassan Akkad, MATAR is a WaterBear Original following the story of an asylum seeker in England who, when confronted with the hostile immigration system in the UK, is forced to live on the fringes of society and rely on his bike to survive.

A powerful and poignant story of resilience and perseverance, based on the lived experience of co-writer Ayman Alhussein. MATAR stars actor Ahmed Malek (The Swimmers) in the titular role, with BAFTA-nominated actor Youssef Kerkour (Home) and Elmi Rashid Elmi (The Swimmers). The docu-fiction is produced by Deadbeat Studios in association with Choose Love.


About the Project

The research project Protracted Displacement Economies worked across 5 countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Pakistan and Myanmar/Thailand) looking at the economic activities of long term displaced people. There were two interesting innovations in the approach. First, we took a broad view of economics, including financial but also non-financial transactions involving care and mutual aid in an approach influenced by feminist economics. Second, the project took a whole of society approach - researching the 'displacement affected community' which includes not only refugees and those displaced, but also the 'host' populations and others than interact with it, breaking down simplistic binaries.


**At this event we will release all short films made during this project, under the umbrella 'Stories without Borders' online. More information here.**


About Lift the Ban

The Lift the Ban coalition, made up of over 200 non-profit organisations, think tanks, businesses, trade unions and faith groups, is calling on the UK Government to give people seeking asylum and their adult dependants the right to work.

#LiftTheBan: give people seeking asylum the right to work

This event is hosted by IHSS (Institute of Humanties and Social Science, Queen Mary University of London) and The Protracted Displacement Economies research project (University of Sussex.) Many thanks to Refugee Action and waterbear.



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