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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Srikrupa Vedal




My research engages with theories and praxis of interactive documentary and participatory methods through exploring experiences of trauma among women in India from multiple perspectives and locations; caste, class, and gender. It aims to be collaborative or co-creative, where participants share their own stories of trauma through audio-visual tools as a central aspect of decolonial filmmaking. The research engages on themes, questions, and ethics of decoloniality as a praxis to understand what it means to tell or represent trauma stories of the ‘other’.

I work as a freelance documentary filmmaker, researcher, editor and grassroots facilitator with a focus on community media, access to health, gender justice , ant-caste movements, and food sovereignty in India. I believes in the power of media for social transformation and justice. My last documentary “We Are an Untold Story” was a poetic documentary about undocumented women and their access to maternal health care in the United Kingdom.. The film has been screened in various film festivals and also used as a resource to campaign towards bringing awareness on issues of migrant women and everyday injustices they face.

Over the last ten years, I have worked as a lecturer teaching documentary filmmaking; Outreach Director with Good Pitch Local Deccan and Climate Story Labs South Asia; Program coordinator at Yakshi; and Research Fellow working on Rural Transformation Fellowship with Tata Institute of Social Science. I volunteered as a coproducer member with Food Sovereignty Alliance-India. I have also facilitated various workshops on digital storytelling and participatory documentary filmmaking for various activists and youth leaders from rural India.

I hold an MA in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, India and MA in Filmmaking ( Screen Documentary) from Goldsmiths, University of London, UK I’m also a passionate ornithologist and wildlife photographer, given a chance, would spend my early mornings and evenings walking with my camera around lakes and forests. You can follow some of the photos on my Instagram.

My Vimeo Link:


Research Interests:

  • Documentary Films
  • Participatory/Collaborative filmmaking
  • Ethics of Films
  • Decolonial filmmaking practices
  • Non-linear documentary filmmaking: Interactive Documentary, Experimental filmmaking, Moving Images
  • Activist Filmmaking


2019 ‘Gaze’ in Documentary Film

2016 “Small Dairy Farmers Across India are struggling for their livelihoods” in The Wire livelihoods

2014 “Stories of violence, silence spaces, survival for dignity: an Adivasi reality” at the IJDTSW Journal ISSN: 2320-2130.

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