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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Shelby Prichard


Research - Film Studies PhD



My practice-based research focuses on the visual representation of marine animals as creatures often regarded as distant in location, embodiment, and subjective capacities, yet deeply intertwined with--and impacted by--humans. In contrast to the distancing effect of visual media that establishes animals as objects of knowledge or entertainment for human subjects (Haraway 1991), I am interested in the ways in which experimental filmmaking techniques can disrupt the anthropocentric orientation of traditional wildlife film and enable watery ways of being to emerge. Using theoretical and practical methods alongside each other, my project includes both a written output and a series of short films that explore cinematic methods for staging intersubjective encounters between humans and marine animals.

Supervisors: Dr Sasha Litvintseva, Dr Anat Pick


Research Interests:

  • Film philosophy
  • Media theory
  • The oceanic / blue humanities
  • New materialism and posthumanism
  • Critical animal studies


 Dr Sasha Litvintseva, Dr Anat Pick

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