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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Chris Dymond


Research - Film Studies PhD



My project is on plants, bacteria, and fungi in cinema.

Supervisors: James Harvey, Libby Saxton and Anat Pick


Research Interests:

  • early cinema
  • scientific cinema
  • artists' moving image
  • critical animal studies
  • critical plant studies
  • plant ethics


Selected articles, chapters, and presentations 

(2022), 'Permacinema', co-authored with Anat Pick, Philosophies, special issue: 'Thinking Cinema -- with Plants', ed. Sarah Cooper. (Forthcoming)
(2022), 'Following Plants: an Interview with Karel Doing', Edge of Frame. (Forthcoming)
(2022) 'Media of Devotion: Four Films by Alisi Telengut', Millennium Film Journal, No. 76 (Fall). (Forthcoming)

(2022) 'Strip Mining: Bacteria on Film', Antennae, Issue 58 (Winter 2022). (Forthcoming)

(2022) 'Non-violent Cinema as an Aspiration', presented at Cappadocia University’s Critical Animal and Plant Studies conference – Nevşehir, Turkey, 2022

(2022) ‘How to Look at Plants?’, in Expanded Nature: Ecologies of Experimental Cinema, eds. Elio Della Noce and Lucas Murari (Light Cone: Paris). Pp. 97-108.

(2021) ‘New Growth: To Film Like a Plant’, Ecocene, Vol. 2, Issue 1 (June). Pp. 32-50. <>

(2021) ‘Plant-Filming: Re-viewing Vegetality’, Millennium Film Journal, No. 73 (Spring 2021). Pp. 28-39.

(2020) 'James Leo Cahill, Zoological Surrealism: The Nonhuman Cinema of Jean Painlevé, Screen, Vol. 61, Issue 2 (Summer 2020). Pp. 325-338. <>

 (2019) 'A short guide to the contemporary Canadian avant-garde', [Online], Mapping Contemporary Cinema <>

(2016), ‘Figures of Meat: Becoming-Animal and Under the Skin’, Defying Genre: Michel Faber – University of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness, Scotland, July 21-22. 

Public Engagement

(2022) 'Vegan Studies', a panel co-organised with Gülşah Göçmen at Cappadocia University’s Critical Animal and Plant Studies conference – Nevşehir, Turkey, 2022

(2018-2020), QMUL Experimental Film Society: Student-led screening society at QM focused on contemporary experimental cinema.

(2019), Canadian Diary Films: Films by Kelley Dong, Angelina Battais, Alexandre Galmard, and Isiah Medina at Deptford Cinema, London.

(2019), Idizwadidiz - Isiah Medina: Four films by Isiah Medina at Close-Up Film Centre, London.

(2019), Larry Gottheim and Friends: World premiere of Larry Gottheim's Knot/Not (2019) plus some films by artists who are friends with Gottheim.

(2017), Larry Gottheim Retrospective: Tour of a retrospective of Larry Gottheim's films around the UK plus the world premiere of Gottheim's Chants and Dances for Hand (2017).

(2017), The Weather Diaries - George Kuchar: Tour of George Kuchar's Weather Diary series around the UK.

(2017), Cinema 25: Started and ran a small cinema in Manchester focusing on contemporary experimental films. 

(2016), La Région Centrale - Michael Snow: A film by Michael Snow at Close-Up Film Centre, London.

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