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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Maia Conran


Research - Film Practice PhD



My practice research PhD investigates relationships between the infrastructure of the internet and the treatment of site in expanded, moving image practice. It relates the positioning of the mechanisms of film production in the Expanded Cinema of the 1960s and 1970s to contemporary practice which transposes the dominant film viewing, distribution and production methods of the internet into sites of exhibition and performance. I primarily make installation, moving image and performance artwork. Site, voice and the politics of ownership and privacy on and offline are central interests of my practice. I have been awarded solo exhibitions at Kingsgate Workshops, London; Grand Union, Birmingham; IMT Gallery, London; Phoenix Gallery, Exeter; G39, Cardiff and My artwork has been selected for international group exhibitions, screenings and residencies. My film Term was published on DVD by Filmarmalade and my work is the subject of a monograph entitled Here is the Yard published by Grand Union Gallery. I am Lecturer in Contextual Practice - Fine Art at University of the Arts, Wimbledon and a member of the Disembodied Voice research group. 




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