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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Georgia Brown


Research - Film Studies PhD



My research explores how Vivien Leigh used her voice and vocal control within her onscreen performances. This is an inter-disciplinary study between the Film Studies and the Electronic Engineering and Computer Science departments at Queen Mary University. Along side star study theory and concepts, I use methodologies developed to analyse music performances to examine Leigh’s performances across her career, comparing and contrasting the results from her films and analysing how they change over time. By exploring speeches from her early ingénue roles, through her romantic leading ladies to her ageing, widowed characters, I track the development of her vocal control and technique, as well as changes in her voice quality. Using the same method, I am conducting a comparative analysis of the vocal performances of other actors in the same roles, performing the same speeches. By examining the stresses and emphasis within the different deliveries enables me to discuss Leigh’s, and other actors, interpretations of the texts, leading to a more comprehensive performance analysis.

For more information on my research please visit my page.


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