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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Dr Sasha Litvintseva


Lecturer in Film Theory and Practice

Telephone: 0207 882 2992
Room Number: ArtsOne G23a


My work across films and research is situated on the uncertain thresholds of the perceptible and the communicable, organism and environment, and knowledge regimes and power. It is interdisciplinary and engages film practice and film theory in conversation with media studies, environmental humanities, and the history and philosophy of science. 

 My upcoming monograph Geological Filmmaking (Open Humanities Press, upcoming late 2021) proposes the concept and practice of geological filmmaking as an aesthetic strategy for grappling with some of the key representational and perceptual challenges posed by the ecological crisis. As part of this research I made two films, Salarium (2017) on sinkholes and Asbestos (2016) on asbestos, as well as publishing numerous texts, including peer-reviewed contributions to special issues of the Environmental Humanities and Transformations journals. 

With my collaborator Beny Wagner I have recently co-authored the book All Thoughts Fly: Monster, Taxonomy, Film (Sonic Acts Press, 2021), which explores the presence of monsters at the centre of Early Modern science alongside probing the medium of film in its relationship to indexicality, chance, corporeality and metamorphosis. This book is a companion piece to our film A Demonstration (2020). We are currently in post-production for our next film Constant (release 2022), which considers the history and politics of the science of measurement.

My films have screened and exhibited worldwide including the Berlin, Rotterdam, Punto de Vista, Cinema du Reel, RIDM Montreal, Kassel Dokfest and Courtisane film festivals; solo presentations at Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Berlinische Galerie, Modern Art Museum Berlin; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Union Docs, New York; and group presentations at MUMOK Vienna; CAC Vilnius; Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Venice Architecture biennale and the Baltic Triennial, among many others.



  • FLM604 Film Archaeology
  • FLM6211 Research Project by Film Practice
  • FLM7202 MA Documentary Production Project
  • MA core course 


  • FLM501 Documentary Theory and Practice
  • FLM5207 Research Methods


Research Interests:

* artists’ moving image

* experimental documentary

* environmental humanities

* history and philosophy of science

* media and film archaeology

* film, ecology and the nonhuman

* the limits of the visible



Geological Filmmaking, Open Humanities Press, upcoming late 2021

All Thoughts Fly: Monster, Taxonomy, Film, with Beny Wagner, Sonic Acts Press, 2021


Articles and book chapters

'Monster as Medium: Experiments in Perception in Early Modern Science and Film', with Beny Wagner, e-flux journal, March 2021

‘Asbestos: Inside and Outside, Toxic and Haptic’, in Environmental Humanities vol. 11 no. 1, special section on ‘Toxic Embodiment’, 2019

'Never Odd or Even - on Palindromes and Metaphors', with Beny Wagner, Hereafter, Sonic Acts, 2019

'Geological Filmmaking: Seeing Film Through Geology and Geology Through Film’, in Transformations no. 32, special issue on  ‘Ecological Thinking of the Moving Image’, 2018

‘Sinkholes in Signification’, with Daniel Mann, Sonic Acts Reader, Sonic Acts, 2018

'From Exile to Entropy: Notes on Protagonists and the Posthistorical’, New Cinema and the City: Migrations, edited by Ektoras Arkomanis, Cours De Poetique, 2020


Filmography (with selected exhibitions) 

Constant (in production / with Beny Wagner / UK&DE)

Funded by Medienboard Berlin - Brandenburg and BKM

Every Rupture (2020 / 13 min / HD video / UK)

Baltic Triennial, LOOP Barcelona, Solo exhibition Douglas Hyde Gallery, Ireland; Punto de Vista festival; Media Art Biennale WRO; Abandon Normal Devices festival...

A Demonstration (2020 / 25 min / HD video / with Beny Wagner / NL&DE&UK)

Berlinale Shorts Competition, Kassel Dokfest, Curtocircuito, Guanajuato, Vancouver, Vilnius Film Festivals; CIAP Genk, Belgium solo exhibition; Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Runner up German Short Film Prize (BAFTA equivalent)... 

Salarium (2017 / 42 min / HD video / with Daniel Mann / UK)

ICA, London solo screening; Berlin Modern Art Museum solo exhibition; Garage Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow; Mumok, Vienna; Cinema Du Reel; RIDM, Montreal…

Asbestos (2016 / 20 min / HD video / with Graeme Arnfield / UK)

Berlinale Forum Expanded; Courtisane Festival special program; Roaming Projects, London solo exhibition; Flusser Archiv, Berlin solo exhibition… 

The Stability of the System (2016 / 17 min / HD video / with Isabel Mallet / UK)

International Film Festival Rotterdam; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago solo screening; Sonic Acts; Inland Art Festival; Lighthouse Gallery…

Exile Exotic (2015 / 14 min / HD video / UK&TUR)

Cinema Du Reel; L’Alternativa Barcelona; Alchemy Film Festival; Chicago Underground Film Festival; Kunstverein Gottingen; Dakota Gallery, Brussels solo exhibition…

Evergreen (2014 / 27 min / HD video / UK&JAP )
Videobrasil; Moscow Biennale for Young Art; AC Institute, NY solo exhibition; Image/Movement, Berlin, solo screening; Visions, Montreal solo screening…

Immortality, home and elsewhere (2014 / 12 min / HD video / UK&RUS)

Ann Arbor Film Festival; Kino Der Kunst; Edinburgh Film Festival;  Festival Du Nouveau Cinema; Wroclaw Biennale; Neues Museum, Nürnberg…

Alluvion (2013 / 31 min / HD video / UK)

Union Docs, NY solo screening; Edinburgh Film Guild solo screening; Carlos Ishikawa gallery, London; Kasseler Dokfest; Aesthetica Film Festival…


Current PhD supervisions (both co-supervised with Dr Anat Pick): 

Bin Yee Ang - 'The Ontological Difference between Real and Hyper-Real Computer Generated Animals in Film' 
Shelby Pritchard - 'An exploration of cinematic alternatives to hard science in staging encounters between human and non-human animal worlds' (practice based)
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