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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Multifaceted cinema screening events for 'Movies, Memories, Magic'

Dr. Ashvin Devasundaram, in conjunction with the UK Asian Film Festival, is crowdfunding for CrossCurrentz, which will bespoke events into screenings of his documentary.


CrossCurrentz involves 6 multifaceted cinema screening events in key cultural spaces.The aim is to screen 'Movies, Memories, Magic' (a documentary created by young volunteers and London's South Asian community during a 2017-18 Heritage Lottery-supported project - 'Memories Through Cinema' led by the UK Asian Film Festival and Queen Mary University of London) in local cultural, civic and arts centres, broadening and diversifying their community base. Bespoke events will be based on the film's themes - South Asian cinema, culture, food, fashion, music, politics and migration history. As co-curators, community collaborators will be able to vote on the format of the screening event. They will act as consultants on formulating the structure, delivery and outcome.

More information can be found here.



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