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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Postgraduate research studentships

The School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences offers fully funded postgraduate research studentships to support PhD students each year.

Our PhD studentships are usually attached to a specific research project and cover the cost of tuition fees as well as providing a maintenance stipend. Funding is normally for up to 3 years at the UK Research Council level. Our studentship funding typically comes from the university, Research Councils, or other external organisations through research grants. Some of the funding available is limited to UK residents. Full details of the funding available is provided on the project page.

Project/ Funding Scheme Supervisor Deadline
China Scholarship Council (CSC) - List of available projects


31st January 2024
S&E Doctoral Research Studentships 2024/25 for Underrepresented Groups


31st January 2024
Characterizing how Misinformation Influences Decision-making: choice heuristics and neural correlates

Dr Lucie Charles

31st January 2024
Directed evolution of photosystem II for light-driven biocatalysis

Dr Tanai Cardona

31st January 2024
Evolution of New Olfactory Perception

Dr Roman Arguello

31st January 2024
Investigating the link between epithelial cell-cell adhesion in chromatin organisation

Dr Natalia Bulgakova

31st January 2024
Forming first impressions from voices

Dr Nadine Lavan

31st January 2024

We also accept students via the following Doctoral Training Programmes which offer a number of research studentships each year.

Alternative sources of funding for PhD studies

See our fees and funding page for information on scholarship schemes and self-funding a PhD.

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