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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Postgraduate research studentships

The School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences offers fully funded postgraduate research studentships to support PhD students each year.

Our PhD studentships are usually attached to a specific research project and cover the cost of tuition fees as well as providing a maintenance stipend. Funding is normally for up to 3 years at the UK Research Council level. Our studentship funding typically comes from the university, Research Councils, or other external organisations through research grants. Some of the funding available is limited to UK residents. Full details of the funding available is provided on the project page.

Project/ Funding Scheme Supervisor Deadline
China Scholarship Council (CSC) - Various Projects Various 31st January 2023
S&E Underrepresented Group Doctoral Research Studentships Various 31st January 2023
Molecular adaptations underpinning innate immunity in bats Prof Stephen Rossiter 31st Jan 2023
The roles of social group memberships and identities in gambling participation and harms

Dr Janelle Jones and Dr Jessica Agnew-Blais

31st January 2023
Extreme heatwaves and responses in ecosystem climate gases Prof Mark Trimmer and Dr Ozge Eyice-Broadbent 31st January 2023
How far are we from biodiversity collapse?
Dr Axel Rossberg and Dr Tom Fayle 31st January 2023
Insect visual cognition and neural computation Prof Lars Chittka and Dr Daniel Bor 31st January 2023
Molecular mechanisms of impulse control Prof Caroline Brennan, Dr Chema Martin and Maxim Freydin 31st January 2023
Structure of tight-binding vitamin B12 proteins for biotechnological applications

Prof Richard Pickersgill and Dr Arianna Fornili

31st January 2023
Molecular adaptations underpinning innate immunity in bats

Prof Stephen Rossiter

28th February 2023
Antibiotic resistance mediatd by bacterial cell shape and size transformations
Dr Nikola Ojkic 28th February 2023
Finding novel antibiotics to counter antimicrobial resistance
Dr Simon Moore and Dr Christoph Engl 28th February 2023
The role of hormones in functioning among women with ADHD
Dr Jessica Agnew-Blais and Dr Stamantina Iliodromiti 28th February 2023
Dissecting the self-interaction interfaces within oligomers of human kinetochore proteins binding to microtubule ends Dr Vladimir Volkov 28th February 2023
Online harms and risk factors: victims and offenders

 Dr Maria Bada 

28th February 2023
How does anthropogenic habitat change alter species interaction network structure?

 Dr Tom Fayle

28th February 2023
Positive balance: Digital technology support for mental health and well-being during adolescence

Dr Elisabetta Versace

1st March 2023

We also accept students via the following Doctoral Training Programmes which offer a number of research studentships each year.

Alternative sources of funding for PhD studies

See our fees and funding page for information on scholarship schemes and self-funding a PhD.

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