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This research is part of our 'Lifelong Health & Wellbeing' Research Highway.

  • In the southern eastern country of Zimbabwe, a staggering 90 per cent of children aged six months to two years are not getting enough to eat. Indeed, 60 per cent of the total population do not have secure access to food.

  • Hailed as one of the most important feats of British engineering in the last 50 years, researchers have developed a range of cost-effective synthetic bone graft materials – called Inductigraft™ in the UK and AltaPore™ in the US.

  • Professor Foster’s research has shaped national and international guidelines on hepatitis C treatment and screening – making significant progress in eliminating the virus in the UK and elsewhere.

  • The Wellcome Trust-funded project ‘Living With Feeling: Emotional Health in History, Philosophy, and Experience’ has featured in an exhibition at the Royal College of Nursing.

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