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Enhancing Research & Innovation Cultures Fund

The Enhancing Research & Innovation Cultures funding call is open to all researchers and research-supporting staff who want to enrich or support research culture across Queen Mary.
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Applications for the ERIC fund 2023/2024 have now closed

We are delighted to announce that a cross-university panel decided to fund the following 18 projects commencing in February 2024. More details will follow in due course, but if you have questions about the funded projects below please email in the first instance.

SED Writing Workshops and Retreats

A series of writing retreats and workshops designed to build a mutually supportive environment focussed on overcoming writers' block, gaining momentum in new (or old) writing projects, and developing communities of practice around scholarly and creative writing.

Project lead: Andrea Brady

Working Group on Reproductive Justice

This working group is aimed at developing the scholarship of individual researchers through interdisciplinary discussion and the creation of more collaborative and collegial relations across the university.

Project lead: Jane Freeland

How to Thrive Beyond First Promotion

How to Thrive Beyond First Promotion: Mentoring Scheme for Mid-Career Scholars and Underrepresented Groups in SPIR

This project aims to run an initial programme of structured sessions to help Mid-Career Scholars think strategically about career progression; develop skills to improve the quality of their outputs; and recognise and capitalise in their competitive advantage.

Project lead: Sofia Collignon

Epistemologies of the Global South

The project seeks to decolonise dominant research practices in the field of theatre, performance, and literary studies by encouraging de/anti-colonial, Black, and Indigenous scholarship from the Global South in the School of English and Drama.

Project leads: Ananya Mishra, Swati Arora, Valentina Aparicio

Cultivating Interdisciplinary Health Humanities Research at Queen Mary

This project will survey and make visible existing health humanities research across QM to enable people to identify areas of connection. Planned events will engender positive discussion and develop points of convergence and collaboration between FMD and HSS.

Project leads: Shital Pravinchandra, Jenny Bangham

REF Research Mentorship Programme (School of Geography)

The project proposes a mentorship programme that aims to open up the ‘black box’ of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) to enable a better understanding of its criteria and processes.

Project lead: William Monteith

Civic Research Cultures

This project takes its cue from Queen Mary’s Civic University Agreement to build an equitable and civic research culture through collaboration across Queen Mary, local communities and organisations in east London.

Project lead: 

Impact and commercialisation workshops

Impact and commercialisation workshops to strengthen QMUL’s entrepreneurial community

The goal of this project is to organise a series of workshops for the Faculty of Science and Engineering providing skill development, networking opportunities and a collaborative environment where participants can share their experiences around commercialisation and innovation. 

Project lead: Yunus Kutlu

Creating Communities of Practice with the Cultural Sector

This project aims to build two QM communities of practice with local grassroots cultural organisations in east London, to design equitable and engaged research networks that model best practice working relationships with the cultural sector.

Project leads: Alex Brown, Aoife Monks

Interdisciplinary leadership for PGRs: fostering collaboration in research

This project will support the Doctoral College to gain insight into current interdisciplinary working practices amongst our PGR community, and deliver leadership training for PGRs to support further interdisciplinarity.

Project lead: Zi Parker

Technical Career Pathways

This project will create career pathways for technical staff. Clear job profiles reflecting different technical pathways where individuals can map their ambitions will help us attract and retain skilled professionals.

Project leads: Kate Thornton, Laura Pheils

Powering PGR Communications & Engagement Events (Student’s Union)

This project supports positive research and innovation culture by further embedding Queen Mary’s PGR research community and the ways PGR social initiatives are communicated within our structures.

Project leads: Jak Curtis-Rendall, Matthew Beach

The Queen Mary Postdoc Conference

A conference provides an opportunity to provide postdocs with a sense of belonging and that their voices are heard, whilst simultaneously providing an opportunity to build a range of key professional skills as leaders, communicators and effectors of change that will support them in their future careers.

Project leads: Rui Pires Martins, Anna Price

Postdoc Led Research Culture Activity Fund

There are limited opportunities for postdocs to create their own communities, particularly across disciplinary and campus boundaries, and considering the transitory nature of postdoc employment. This project will support the building of postdoc communities and interest groups in an agile manner.

Project leads: Rui Pires Martins, Anna Price

EECS Female Academic Network

This project aims to build a network of female PhDs, Post-Docs, and academics in EECS. By fostering exchange and collaboration, the project will seek to address gender imbalance, promote career prospects and progression, and contribute to a more diverse academic community. 

Project leads: Ekaterina Ivanova, Aisha Abuelmaatti, Maria Liakata

Visibility matters - A researcher-generated resource

Visibility matters - A researcher-generated resource to provide impact for inclusive research culture in Medicine and Dentistry

The primary focus of this proposed resource will be on the achievements of self-identified under-represented groups i.e., disabled, neurodiverse, LGBTQ researchers in the world. This project aims to contribute to a sense of belonging among researchers.

Project leads: Aylin Baysan and Sadani Cooray

Whitechapel Postdoc Forum

The aim of the project is to connect postdocs with each other to generate local support and networking opportunities, as well as providing seminars and career focused discussions to support development and promote collaboration.

Project leads: Abigail Coetzee, Raul Yusef Sanchez David, Helen Jones, Michael Papasavva

Faceworks: exploring, developing and building a research culture

This project is an initiative to bring together staff otherwise busy in clinics, to break out of individual expertise silos to come together to synthesise research ideas for research innovation.

Project lead: Sharan Sidhu

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