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AKT2I: Accelerating Infrastructure Asset Inventory with AI

Keen AI is an innovative UK technology company using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help its clients make exceptional decisions with their visual data. This KTP is focused on developing automated AI inventory platform for energy infrastructure assets.


Electricity Transmission operators are responsible for the safe and reliable operation of thousands of overhead line pylons across their networks. Single towers can be made up of many different types of components. Having a reliable asset inventory is essential to running the network cost-effectively and safely.

Operators regularly gather images of pylons during routine maintenance and inspection activity. It is not feasible to manually analyse these images, and so an opportunity exists to build an automated asset inventory audit solution using AI and computer vision techniques.

This project is a new addition to Queen Mary’s KTP portfolio under a pilot scheme from Innovate UK called Accelerated Knowledge Transfer to innovation (AKT2I). The scheme supports businesses and their university partners to deliver short, targeted projects to accelerate the evaluation or development of an innovation project or concept.

"Our goal in this project is to examine how leveraging uncertainties in deep learning network predictions can minimise false positives."
— Amjad Karim, CEO, Keen-AI
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