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Queen Mary Academy

Strategic Projects - Delivering our 2030 Strategy

The Queen Mary Academy is leading and collaborating on a range of strategic projects to deliver the 2030 Strategy for education and research excellence.

Curriculum Enhancement

The Queen Mary 2030 Strategy identified three key aspirations which this project will deliver, through three workstreams.

Project Lead: Professor Janet De Wilde

Workstream 1: Inclusive Curriculum

Workstream 1: Inclusive Curriculum

Workstream Lead: Professor Janet De Wilde

The Inclusive Curriculum workstream has developed a set of eight principles to underpin inclusive teaching and learning practices at Queen Mary: 

  • Empower all students to thrive in diverse environments​
  • Co-create with students to enrich the learning environment​
  • Diversify the curriculum and broaden intellectual horizons so that students can see themselves reflected and reach beyond themselves ​
  • Enable student engagement and success through inclusive pedagogy​
  • Develop students’ confidence to participate in disciplinary discourse and community ​
  • Reflect on our language to promote an inclusive learning environment​
  • Value student feedback ​
  • Encourage all students through inclusive advising and mentoring​

A series of case studies have also been collected to showcase colleagues’ good practice from across the University on our new inclusive curriculum website

Case studies cover a wide range of topics, which include supporting the transition to medical school, highlighting the contribution of minoritised scientists to Chemistry, teaching economic theories with historical perspectives and many more. Work on designing an inclusive curriculum workshop to support colleagues in reflecting critically on their teaching practice is now underway. 

All stages of this work have involved extensive engagement with, and feedback from, colleagues across academic schools, professional services and the Queen Mary Students’ Union.

Workstream 2: Assessment & Feedback

Workstream 2: Assessment & Feedback

Workstream Lead: Alison Pettigrew

The Assessment and Feedback workstream is part of the Curriculum Enhancement Project which is responsible for receiving regular reports and ensuring that the workstream delivers on key aspects of agreed work within defined timescales.

The workstream represents staff and students across the University and divides its work across four task and finish groups.  Each group has key areas of work for each academic year and where necessary these are time limited and reset e.g., Task and Finish Group 2 focussed in the academic year 2020-21 on external examining and when this work finished in June 2021, the group was reset for the next year to work on the attainment gap and data driven practice.

The areas of focus for the workstream are those areas that can be most improved, and which will lead to a measurable difference in the overall quality of the student experience. The workstreams leads on the development of best practice, innovation and translation of evidence in Assessment and Feedback across QMUL.

In the academic year 2021-22, the four Task and Finish Groups are focussed on :

  • policy and marking, assessment design and feedback
  • attainment gap / data driven practice
  • student voice, engagement and partnership in assessment
  • security, academic integrity, policies and regulations

Workstream 3: Graduate Attributes

Workstream 3: Graduate Attributes

Workstream Lead: Dr Stephanie Fuller

Graduate Attributes are the knowledge, skills and abilities that Queen Mary students develop as a result of their learning and experiences at university.  They are closely linked to, but go beyond the core disciplinary content of a student’s programme of study. They are the qualities that prepare graduates to succeed in an ever-changing global job market and become active global citizens.

The Graduate Attributes workstream aims to refresh the Queen Mary Graduate Attributes. Updating the 2009 statement for the current job market, it offers programme teams the opportunity to build on existing attributes, ensuring they are relevant and discipline-specific, drawing on feedback from students and employers and reviewing attributes against best practice in the sector.  This work aims to ‘surface’ the attributes that are already embedded within curricula at a programme level and ensure that these are clearly communicated to students.  Rather than having a fixed set of Queen Mary graduate attributes at institutional level, attributes are embedded within individual programmes.

Refreshing programme graduate attributes and ensuring they are embedded and communicated to students will help equip students for today’s job market and support them to be able to clearly articulate the knowledge, skills and abilities they have developed.

Scaling-Up Blended Delivery

This Project will deliver on three key objectives in our 2030 Strategy:

  • Ensure everyone who has the potential is able to access a Queen Mary education without necessarily coming to London
  • Deliver our cutting edge curricula, developing, implementing and promoting new pedagogical approaches using the latest, or own bespoke, technological advances to enhance the student experience
  • Ensure that the holistic education and learning experience provided is world-leading 

Project Lead: Professor Janet De Wilde

Workstream 1: Enabling Teaching & Learning Delivery

Workstream 1: Enabling Teaching & Learning Delivery

Workstream Lead: Dr Stephen Buckingham

This Workstream will develop a flexible, blended teaching and learning approach across the university. The approach will be delivered in a series of carefully planned steps that build upon our current pooled teaching expertise, especially the gains made during the online move in response to Covid.  Our aim is that each year a summer training program will be released which will upgrade our education across the University until we reach the Education 2030 vision.

 Find out more about Mixed Mode Education (MME) and the support available for staff.

Workstream 2: Enabling Infrastructure

Workstream 2: Enabling Infrastructure

Workstream Lead: Richard Young

This workstream will deliver the infrastructure needed to deliver our new teaching and learning approach.

The current priority for this project is to support the delivery of Mixed Mode Education. Informed by feedback from staff and students, our mixed mode approach is being deployed on campus in academic year 2021/22.

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