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Doctoral training studentships

The UK Research Councils provide studentships to cover tuition fees and maintenance for Home and EU students in the form of Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs), Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) and Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) at QMUL.

These DTCs, CDTs, and DTPs often involve collaboration with other universities and research institutes and typically offer their students a wide range of research and transferable skills training.

QMUL is a partner, for example, in the Natural Environment Research Council's London Doctoral Training Centre, working alongside diverse partners such as the Institute of Zoology, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Natural History Museum, and the Forestry Commission, as well as UCL, KCL, and Birkbeck universities.

Research Council funded studentships at QMUL are currently available through the following DTCs, CDTs and DTPs:

 Students on this programme are based at either Southampton or QMUL and focus on Digital Technologies, Informatics for  Health, Advanced Therapeutics and Precision Medicine in specific projects relevant to their subject areas.

Ivestigating the science and technology of graphene, carbon allotropes, layered crystals and hybrid nanomaterials. Our vision is to take graphene, related layered materials and hybrids to a point where they can revolutionise flexible, wearable and transparent (opto)electronics, with a manifold return in innovation and exploitation.

Each centre or partnership will have its own application process and its own deadlines (typically between November – February, before studies commencing in September). Please use the links above for more information.

Your potential supervisor or school/institute administrator will be able to advise you on how to apply for a studentship held at one of the above DTCs, CDTs or DTPs.

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