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School of Law

LAW6061 Equality and the Law

Students will learn about the law in the UK on equality and anti-discrimination. They will be introduced to the legal rules through case studies in particular topical areas such as education, the labour market, especially the legal profession and the judiciary, political representation and public appointment. The law will be scrutinised and evaluated through these case studies, with teaching covering different methodologies for investigating law and legal phenomenon. The module will be assessed through students working up research proposals to investigate self chosen topics from the case studies, presentations about their projects and a research essay of 4,000 words in which their research proposals are fleshed out and developed.

Method of assessment

  • 25% video presentation (10 mins)
  • 75% research essay 4000 words)

(Please note there is a different form of assessment for associate students; the assessment method is under review)

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