School of Law

2019 Law Working Papers

Series no.AuthorTitle
324/2019 Gabriel Gari

Recent Developments on Disciplines on Domestic Regulations Affecting Trade in Services: Convergence or Divergence?

323/2019 Noam Gur

Legal Facts and Reasons for Action: Between Deflationary and Robust Conceptions of Law’s Reason-Giving Capacity

322/2019 Min Yan and Daoning Zhang

From Corporate Responsibility to Corporate Accountability

321/2019 Min Yan 

The Role of Government and Regulation in Corporate Social Responsibility — The Case of China

320/2019 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis and Victoria Nalule

Energy Decentralization and Decarbonization: The Case of Romania and Malta

319/2019 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis, Mariya Peykova and Marius Greger

Towards a Carbon-Free, Decentralized, and Democratized System of Energy Generation

318/2019 Maxi Scherer

Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decision-Making: The Wide Open? Study on the Example of International Arbitration

317/2019 Johan David Michels and Christopher Millard

Mind the Gap: The Status of Digital Files Under Property Law

316/2019 Johan David Michels, Dimitra Kamarinou and Christopher Millard

Beyond the Clouds, Part 2: What Happens to the Files You Store in the Clouds When You Die?

315/2019 Johan David Michels, Christopher Millard and Srishti Joshi

Beyond the Clouds, Part 1: What Cloud Contracts Say About Who Owns and Can Access Your Content

314/2019  Alan J. Dignam 

Artificial Intelligence: The Very Human Dangers of Dysfunctional Design and Autocratic Corporate Governance

313/2019  Loukas A. Mistelis 

Efficiency. What Else? Efficiency as the Emerging Defining Value of International Arbitration: between Systems theories and party autonomy

312/2019  Rafael Leal-Arcas, Gemma Fearnley and Chana Gluck 

Regulation, Innovation, and Technology for 21st Century Energy Goals

311/2019  Rafael Leal-Arcas, George Thanos, Michalis Kanakakis, Gemma Fearnley and Juan Alemany Rios 

Business Models for Decentralized Energy

310/2019  Rafael Leal-Arcas, Stanislava Boskovic and Muhammad Syed Abubakr Karimabadi 

 The Transition to Decentralized Energy: Challenges, Opportunities and Progress

309/2019  Rafael Leal-Arcas, Mariya Peykova, Victoria Nalule and Pinar Kara 

 Decarbonizing the Energy Sector

308/2019  Rafael Leal-Arcas, Marius Greger and Hanna Knigge 

 Towards Energy Democratization

307/2019  Rafael Leal-Arcas, Juan Alemany Rios and Nelson Akondo 

 Energy Decentralization in the European Union


Emily Daemen

The Potential Impact of Blockchain on the Energy Markets in the Netherlands and South Africa

305/2019  Bikram Chaudhuri

The Indian Energy Sector - Distributed Ledger Technology Opportunities

304/2019  Gabriel Faria Bernardes 

Blockchain’s Potential for Promoting Sustainability through Market-Based Schemes: An Analysis from the Brazilian and Mexican Regulatory Perspectives

303/2019  Liubov Skoryk 

Blockchain and Sustainability Transparency for Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation

302/2019  Prakash Shah 

Sacerdotal Violence and the Caste System: The Long Shadow of Christian-Orientalism

301/2019  Sionaidh Douglas-Scott 

 Scotland, Secession, and the European Union

300/2019  Sionaidh Douglas-Scott 

Brexit and the Scottish Question

299/2019  Sionaidh Douglas-Scott 

The Constitutional Implications of the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018: A Critical Appraisal

298/2019  Sionaidh Douglas-Scott  

 Subjects and Objects of EU Human Rights Law

297/2019  Sionaidh Douglas-Scott  

Britain and the European Union: Federalism and Differentiation

296/2019 Sionaidh Douglas-Scott   

 Brexit, Boundaries and the Power of Images