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School of Law

2015 WPS

Series no.AuthorTitle
226/2015 Ruth Fletcher Attorney General v X and Others (1992): An Imagined Feminist Judgment
212/2015 Prakash Shah Does Durkheim Enhance Our Understanding of Law and Religion?
211/2015 Amber Marks, Ben Bowling, Colman Keenan Automatic Justice? Technology, Crime and Social Control
210/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas Towards a New Climate Change Agreement Post-2015
209/2015 Dimitra Kamarinou, Christopher Millard, W. Kuan Hon Privacy in the Clouds: An Empirical Study of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of 20 Cloud Service Providers
208/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Valentina Caruso, Raphaela Leupuscek Renewables, Preferential Trade Agreements and EU Energy Security
207/2015 Valsamis Mitsilegas The Symbiotic Relationship Between Mutual Trust and Fundamental Rights in Europe's Area of Criminal Justice
206/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Juan Alemany Rios The Creation of a European Energy Union
205/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Juan Alemany Rios, Costantino Grasso The European Union and its Energy Security Challenges
204/2015 Merris Amos Damages for Violations of Human Rights Law in the United Kingdom
203/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis The Energy Community, the Energy Charter Treaty and the Promotion of EU Energy Security
202/2015 Roger Cotterrell A Concept of Law for Global Legal Pluralism?
201/2015 Roger Cotterrell Leon Petrazycki and Contemporary Socio-Legal Studies
200/2015 Janet Dine Commonwealth Caribbean Corporate Governance
199/2015 Philip Rawlings 'Without Feeling and Without Remorse'? Making Sense of Employers’ Liability and Insurance in the Nineteenth Century
198/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis Renewable Energy Disputes in the World Trade Organization
197/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas Designing International Trade in Energy Governance for EU Energy Security
196/2015 Daniel G Costelloe, Malgosia Fitzmaurice Lawmaking by Treaty: Conclusion of a Treaty and the Evolution of a Treaty Regime in Practice
195/2015 Asma A I Vranaki Cloud Investigations by European Data Protection Authorities: An Empirical Account
194/2015 Elizabeth J Kennedy Data Security and Multi-Factor Authentication: Analysis of Requirements Under EU Law and in Selected EU Member States
193/2015 Merris Amos An Unprincipled Mess: Party Anonymity in Legal Proceedings in the United Kingdom
192/2015 Noam Gur Wrongful Life Claims and Negligent Selection of Gametes or Embryos in Infertility Treatments: A Quest for Coherence
191/2015 W Kuan Hon, Christopher Millard, Chris Reed, Jatinder Singh, Ian Walden, Jon Crowcroft Policy, Legal and Regulatory Implications of a Europe-Only Cloud
190/2015 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Juan Alemany Rios How Can the EU Diversify its Energy Supply to Improve its Energy Security?
189/2014 Philip Rawlings Cyber Risk: Insuring the Digital Age
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