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School of Law

2012 WPS

Series no. Author Title
128-2012 Maksymillian T. Del Mar Legal Fictions and Legal Change
127-2012 Duncan Matthews The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA): Lessons for the European Union
126-2012 Roger Cotterrell Socio-Legal Studies, Law Schools, and Legal and Social Theory
125-2012 Roger Cotterrell Transnational Networks of Community and International Economic Law
124-2012 Rafael Leal-Arcas On Climate Migration and International Trade
123-2012 Rafael Leal-Arcas Unilateral Trade-Related Climate Change Measures
122-2012 Julia Hörnle Encouraging Online Dispute Resolution in the EU and Beyond - Keeping Costs Low or Standards High?
121-2012 Varda Bondy, Andrew Le Sueur Designing Redress: A Study About Grievances Against Public Bodies
120-2012 Maksymilian T Del Mar, Relational Jurisprudence: Vulnerability between Fact and Value
119-2012 Richard Nobles The CCRC in 2012 – An Academic’s View
118-2012 Kenneth Armstrong The Character of EU Law and Governance: From ‘Community Method’ to New Modes of Governance
117-2012 W Kuan Hon, Christopher Millard, Ian Walden Negotiating Cloud Contracts - Looking at Clouds from Both Sides Now
116-2012 Maksymilian T Del Mar Beyond the State in and of Legal Theory
115-2012 W Kuan Hon, Christopher Millard, Ian Walden UK G-Cloud v1 and the Impact on Cloud Contracts
114-2012 Eric Heinze The Concept of Injustice
113-2012 Merris Amos Standing to Seek a Remedy for a Violation of Human Rights Law – A New Model for a New Bill of Rights?
112-2012 Janet Dine Fairtrade, Trust, Risk, and the Company Concession Model
111-2012 Andrew Le-Sueur Parliamentary Accountability and the Judicial System
110-2012 Kenneth Armstrong EU Social Policy and the Governance Architecture of Europe 2020
109-2012 Andrew Le-Sueur Designing Redress: Who Does it, How and Why?
108-2012 Andrew Le-Sueur Constitutional Protection of Rights to Social Security in the United Kingdom
107-2012 Andrew Le-Sueur McGonnell and the Bailiffs of Jersey and Guernsey: 11 Years on
106-2012 Uma Suthersanen The First Global Copyright Act
105-2012 Peter Drahos The US, China and the G-77 in the Era of Responsive Patentability
104-2012 Roger Cotterrell Conscientious Objection to Assigned Work Tasks: A Comment on Relations of Law and Culture
103-2012 Roger Cotterrell What Is Transnational Law?
102-2012 Anjanette Raymond It's Time the Law Begins to Protect Consumers from Significantly One-Sided Arbitration Clauses within Contracts of Adhesion
101-2012 Rafael Leal-Arcas Reflections on EU International Trade Law: An Introspective
100-2012 Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal Legal and Regulatory Responses to the Financial Crisis
099-2012 Rosa M Lastra The Evolution of the European Central Bank
098-2012 Graham Greenleaf Global Data Privacy Laws: 89 Countries, and Accelerating
097-2012 Prakash Shah
Derya Bayir
The Legal Adaptation of British Settlers in Turkey
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