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School of Law

2010 Law Working Papers

Series no. Author Title
68-2010 Cotterrell, Roger
Golden Ages: Notes on the Future of Sociology of Law, with Some Comments on its Past, on Poland, and on Jazz
67-2010 Cocks, Leyanda
Dignam, Alan J
The End of History for Anglo-Saxon Outsider Corporate Governance: Are We All French Now?
66-2010 Shah, Prakash
Trans-Jurisdictional Marriage and Family Reunification for Refugees in the United Kingdom
65-2010 Hörnle, Julia
Countering the Dangers of Online Pornography - Shrewd Regulation of Lewd Content?
64-2010 Leal-Arcas, Rafael
The European Union’s Trade and Investment Policy after the Treaty of Lisbon
63-2010 Bradshaw, Simon
Millard, Christopher
and Walden, Ian
Contracts for Clouds: Comparison and Analysis of the Terms and Conditions of Cloud Computing Services
62-2010 Cheliotis, Leonidas K
Xenakis, Sappho
What's Neoliberalism Got to Do with it? Towards a Political Economy of Punishment in Greece
61-2010 Mistelis, Loukas
Baltag, Crina
Trends and Challenges in International Arbitration: Two Surveys of In-House Counsel of Major Corporations
60-2010 McKnight, Andrew
Policy Issues and Reform in Debt Finance: The Reform of the English Law of Secured Transactions in Personal Property
59-2010 Co-authors:
Tridimas, P Takis and
Gari, Gabriel
Winners and Losers in Luxembourg: A Statistical Analysis of Judicial Review Before the ECJ and the CFI (2001-2005)
58-2010 Reed, Chris Think Global, Act Local: Extraterritoriality in Cyberspace
57-2010 Cotterrell, Roger Durkheim on Justice, Morals and Politics
56-2010 Griffiths, Jonathan Copyright’s Imperfect Republic and the Artistic Commonwealth
55-2010 Lastra, Rosa M The Role of the IMF as a Global Financial Authority
54-2010 Mulheron, Rachael
Costs Shifting, Security for Costs, and Class Actions: Lessons from Elsewhere
52-2010 Dabbah, Maher
The Relationship between Competition Authorities and Sectoral Regulators: An International-Comparative Perspective
51-2010 Leal-Arcas, Rafael
China’s Attitude to Multilateralism in International Economic Law and Governance: Challenges for the World Trading System
50-2010 Ashcroft, Richard
Personal Financial Incentives in Health Promotion: Where Do They Fit in an Ethic of Autonomy?
49-2010 Cheliotis, Leonidas K
The Sociospatial Mechanics of Domination: Transcending the ‘Exclusion/Inclusion' Dualism
48-2010 Hörnle, Julia
Online Gambling in the European Union: A Tug of War Without a Winner?
47-2010 Shah, Prakash
Inconvenient Marriages, or What Happens When Ethnic Minorities Marry Trans-Jurisdictionally According to Their Self-Chosen Norms
46-2010 Cotterrell, Roger
Does Legal Pluralism Need a Concept of Law?
45-2010 Reed, Chris Information 'Ownership' in the Cloud
44-2010 Matthews, Duncan N
The Lisbon Treaty, Trade Agreements and the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
43-2010 Wilson, William G
Murder by Omission: Some Observations on a Mismatch between the General and Special Parts
42-2010 Cheliotis, Leonidas K
Narcissism, Humanism, and the Revolutionary Character in Erich Fromm’s Work
41-2010 Leal-Arcas, Rafael The Multilateralization of International Investment Law
40-2010 Reed, Chris
How to Make Bad Law: Lessons from the Computing and Communications Sector
39-2010 Barmes, Lizzie
Navigating Multi-Layered Uncertainty: EU, Member State and Organizational Perspectives on Positive Action
38-2010 Shields, Kirsteen Labour Exploitation: Crossing the Threshold between Acceptable and Unacceptable Labour Condition
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