School of Law

Amy Corcoran

Research Topic: State crime

Thesis Title

Protesting the Borders but on the Borders of Protest: Art Activism as Resistance to State Crime.


Professor Penny Green and Dr Thomas MacManus

Summary of research

Her doctoral research investigates public art interventions, as facets of civil society action, which contribute to the censure of aspects of border control policy considered deviant, within the current EU context.


After completing her BSc (Hons) in Psychology and MSc in Research Methods in Psychology, both at The University of Reading, Amy went on to work as a researcher on a large MRC-funded research trial investigating childhood anxiety. During a subsequent 19-month journey around Asia, Amy completed an internship at The Human Rights Education Institute of Burma and decided to pursue a change of career. On returning to the UK, Amy completed a LLM in Human Rights Law at Birkbeck. Throughout her LLM she concentrated on issues of state power and resistance.

Amy has published work in both academic and independent publications. This has primarily centred on the policing of protest and her experiences and reflections of the ‘Jungle’ in Calais. Amy is involved with groups campaigning around human rights issues, and supporting those involved in protest. Her interest in art is longstanding, having exhibited in a number of galleries and completed professional illustration and installation work. She is currently working on a project, Art the Arms Fair, which uses art to counter the arms trade.