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School of Law

IVR International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy, UK Branch

Welcome to the UK Branch of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR). The IVR was founded in Berlin on 1 October 1909 and has since then blossomed into a genuinely global association, with many active national sections. The purpose of the Association is the cultivation and promotion of legal and social philosophy. The Association is open to all relevant scholarly disciplines. Read more about the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy.

The executive of the UK Branch is as follows:

UK IVR Annual Conference

The UK Branch organises an annual conference to coincide with its AGM.

Previous conferences

  • The 2017 conference 'Law, Rationality and the Market' was held at the School of Law, University of Sheffield.
  • The 2016 conference 'Law and Social Sustainability' was held at the School of Law, University of Leeds.
  • The 2015 conference 'Public/Private: Unlocking the Boundaries of Legal Thought' was held at Queen's University Belfast.
  • The 2014 conference 'De-juridification: Appearance and disappearance of law at a time of crisis' was held at the London School of Economics.
  • Listen to podcasts from the 2013 UK IVR Annual Conference, Legal Theory and Legal History: A Neglected Dialogue, held at Queen Mary University of London.
  • The 2012 conference ‘Rights, Morality and the Law’ was held at the University of Birmingham.

Mailing List

The UK IVR mailing list informs members of upcoming events in legal and social philosophy. To join, please email Dr Gur: Organisers of events are encouraged to email news of relevant upcoming events of potential interest to legal and social philosophers.


Each branch of the IVR pays membership fees to the general IVR. To help cover these fees, membership to the UK Branch is set at £15 for students, £25 for early career academics (within 5 years of the award of their doctorate) and £35 for academics and professionals. To become a member, send a cheque made out to ‘UK IVR’ to the following address:

UK IVR, c/o Dr Noam Gur
Department of Law
Queen Mary University of London
E1 4NS

UK IVR Members web page - password protected area


For any queries about the UK IVR, please email Dr Noam Gur.