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SOLM225 Art Transactions

Module Description:

This module will examine the various rules of domestic and international private law that can impact the art trade, from the sale and purchase of artworks by private individuals, to acquisitions by other private law means, such as gift and exchange, and loans and other bailments involving museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. Beyond this, the module will also consider the impact of statute: one notable example being the statutory immunity of certain loaned cultural objects from seizure. Owing to the high value and irreplaceable nature of the art being traded, the issue of insurance is an important one. This section will consider both private cover and public insurance. Finally, the module will look at the law of auctions. Auctions are of course a favoured forum to buy and sell art, and the law that applies to the auction is different from the law of the open market. 

Applicable Groupings:

This module is not available on Laws LLM.


30 Credits

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