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School of Law

SOLM265 Media Regulation

This module will cover topics including:

  • Ownership and control of the media
  • Press regulation
  • EU Broadcasting Law and the shift to regulation of online, streaming content
  • UK Broadcasting Law and the shift to regulation of online, streaming content
  • Advertising Regulation
  • Article 10, Freedom of Speech and the reasonable limits thereon with a view to protecting the Article 6 right to a fair trial, in the context of media reporting the courts
  • Contempt of Court and the media - filming and livestreaming the courts, contempt by publication
  • Reporting restrictions and the media - including identification of victims of serious crimes, statutory restrictions on reporting proceedings involving children and vulnerable adults, discretionary judicial orders, the media's right to representation and to appeal orders.
  • Protection of journalists sources and materials, including digital resources and communications, from undue state / police interference.

Applicable groupings


30 Credits

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