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School of Law

SOLM087 The Business of Film

Module Description

The Business of Film considers intellectual property and the film industry, including the transformative environment of digital technology, fan-based innovation, and user-generated content. Students will consider the fundamentals of intellectual property and commercialisation through a range of topics and stages in the filmmaking process including: pre-production and the development of a film prospectus; storyboarding and script development or adaptations; intellectual property protection at various stages of the process; the development of ancillary rights and related aspects of merchandising and marketing; funding (including crowdfunding models and fan-based approaches); development and production (including aspects of sound, performers and performances); distribution; merchandising and co-branding; aspects of film franchises, adaptations and other sources; censorship and classification; credits and titles. Through scenario-based learning and group film production projects, students will analyse the legal and commercial issues raised through the filmmaking process in their own film projects, from development right through to distribution and marketing. Students will gain specific experience and expertise, equipping them with the particular skills to identify the legal and commercial issues in film.

Applicable Groupings


15 Credits

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