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School of Law

SOLM080 Intellectual Property and Fashion: Business and Law

Module Description

Intellectual Property and Fashion: Business and Law provides students with the opportunity to engage with industry and commercial fashion practice. Through scenario-based learning, students will acquire skills in project management, intellectual property strategy, and commercialisation. The module gives students specific insight into the operation of intellectual property within the fashion industry as well as digital and retail strategy, consumer protection and fashion ethics. The module equips students with particular skills in fashion development, protection and commercialisation, providing specific insight into design practice, fashion media, merchandising, social media and influencer marketing (including virtual influencers), branding, and retail curation, as well artificial intelligence, digital products, and games. Working in teams to develop their own enterprise, students will also gain valuable skills and experience in project management. The module covers a range of topics in commercial fashion enterprise and considers in detail practical examples in intellectual property strategy, management and innovation, giving students a comprehensive insight into building a fashion brand identity and an understanding of commercial, artistic, and social practice in fashion and design.

Applicable Groupings


15 Credits

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