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School of Law

SOLM022 Corporate Governance: Foundational and Theoretical

Module Description

The module will inform and educate students as to the issues affecting both the business community and the wider societal effects of the debate on corporate governance. As such the module will focus on the systems by which companies are or should be directed and controlled, particular emphasis will be given to:- the legal and extra-legal rules/systems governing internal corporate accountability and the legal and extra-legal rules/systems governing the corporations accountability to the external world. As such students will gain an enhanced knowledge of the issues surrounding various corporate governance theories that seek to explain the position of, and relationship between, the company as a metaphysical entity and its members, managers and other interested constituencies (i.e.‘stakeholders’) and the different theoretical and industry perspectives on corporate governance. The concept of shareholder primacy will be critically examined and contrasted with alternative approaches. The module also aims to highlight future directions and trends in corporate governance.

Applicable Groupings


30 Credits

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