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Critical Thinking and Writing in Law (in-sessional)

The Critical Thinking and Writing in Law programme is a specialised series of interactive lectures designed to improve your writing and research in law, while providing a solid foundation for you to prepare for and complete your exams and dissertations with confidence.

The Critical Thinking and Writing in Law programme consists of two distinct programmes, one each term:

  • Term one, mainly for those with in-sessional conditions, will introduce students who are new to UK Higher Education to the skills that will be expected of them at LLM level. Legal texts will be analysed from a linguistic perspective and focus will be placed on raising students’ awareness and skill as regards expression, structure, and argumentation in English within their discipline.
  • Term two has been designed for those interested in developing or enhancing their performance in exam and dissertation writing. Students will be given the opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed to succeed in examinations, and to work through the process of planning and structuring their dissertations. Students will be introduced to research methodology, and they will be assisted in the process of developing their proposals into well-structured dissertations.

How to Register

Current students will receive detailed information on the Critical Thinking and Writing in Law course after enrolment.

To register for these modules, you need to log in to MySIS, click on Insessional Course Bookings, then follow the links to the Critical Thinking and Writing in Law modules you have chosen and follow the instructions. Times of classes will be given and you will be asked to choose your time based on your given timetable. Early registration is highly recommended as the popular times fill up very quickly. Please email any questions about the content of the course to Nicholas Lloyd If you are not sure whether you have a condition and are required to attend, please check your offer or ask in your department.

More information can be found on the Queen Mary Language Centre.

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