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School of Law

More Than Just a Game VII

The 2023 edition of our flagship event in the MTJG international conference series is coming back to London with a clear mission – to explore, to challenge, and to inspire our understanding and perception of the next meta-era of the video game and interactive entertainment sector.

More Than Just a Game above a glowing blue reactor

While the concept of the Metaverse continues to trend and attract considerable investment, it is hard to predict how the Metaverse is going to look like, whether there will be one or many iterations of Metaverse, and what the core issues and challenges will be. Public discourse tends to focus on issues that are not new. Many lessons can be learned from the video game industry that has been tackling them for over 20 years. The task ahead is to debunk false positives and non-issues and direct the conversation to address the gaps in our understanding. The research on standards and implementation is still scarce and the disruption of the IP legal regime by some of the crucial Metaverse components - such as interoperability and persistency - difficult to fully predict. Will IP law become the new digital constitution or an afterthought in this rapidly changing environment?



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