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Leon Xiao receives a grant to investigate loot boxes in Belgium and China

Leon received a grant of £3,000 from the Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling (AFSG).

Person holding a video game controller in their hands on their lap

The funding was derived from ‘regulatory settlements applied for socially responsible purposes’ received by the UK Gambling Commission and administered by Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (Greo).

This funding will support two projects. Leon will conduct fieldwork at the Meaningful Interactions Lab (Mintlab) of the Institute for Media Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at KU Leuven to assess the effectiveness of Belgium’s “ban” on loot boxes. This study will be conducted as a registered report meaning that the research questions and methodology have already been peer-reviewed prior to data collection. View the recommendation for that stage 1 registered report.

He will then examine the relationship between loot boxes and gambling in China through a large-scale survey.



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