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Democratic Legacies in the Post-Pandemic University: Reflections on a Students’ Jury

Dr Jeffrey Kennedy and Queen Mary LLB Student Karoline Leitgeb penned an article for The Post-Pandemic University on their new approach to decision-making.

View of Lady Justice holding scales from behind

The Students’ Jury on Pandemic Learning saw students hear from stakeholders and experts, deliberate, and make recommendations to leadership on how the School should approach legal education this coming year.

Discussing the Jury’s Final Report in the article, they state: “While an exercise in student input, the report is clearly oriented toward a common good, recognizing that students’ and staff’s fates are intertwined, and intervening as well on staff workloads and support. In all, it evidences the kind of valuable contributions students can make to university decision-making and merits wide readership.”

Dr Jeffrey Kennedy, Lecturer in Criminal Law at Queen Mary University of London, acted one of the lead organisers on the Students’ Jury. Karoline Leitgeb, Final Year Law and Politics LLB Student at Queen Mary, served as the lead student organiser on the Jury.

Read the full article on The Post-Pandemic University.

More information

  • Read more about the Students’ Jury on Pandemic Learning and access the final report.
  • Study Undergraduate Law at Queen Mary.



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