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Universities should be spaces for democratic innovation

Dr Jeffery Kennedy has co-written a piece for Times Higher Education exploring ways of involving students far more deeply in the decisions that affect them

A Queen Mary Law Student raising their hand to ask a question in a lecture

"Amidst the failures of traditional politics, the world has seen the emergence of a 'deliberative wave'. Ordinary people are increasingly being selected by lottery to take part in citizens' assemblies, citizens' juries and other 'mini-publics,'" says Dr Jeffrey Kennedy, Lecturer in Criminal Law from School of Law at Queen Mary University of London, in the article, co-written with other academics. Arguments for similar democratic innovation in higher education are raised, given that "universities aspire to be spaces for cultivating the kinds of citizen who shape our societies". They call on universities to "teach for the kind of democracy we want," exploring ways to involve students far more deeply in the decisions that affect them, enabling them to learn, deliberate and come up with recommendations on challenging policy issues.

Read 'Universities should be spaces for democratic innovation' on the Times Higher Education website.

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