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Trade vs Human Rights: Should atrocities prevent foreign business deals?


Thomas Macmanus, Lecturer in State Crime at Queen Mary University of London appeared on TRT World Roundtable to discuss whether the international community should cease trade relations with Myanmar given its human rights records and should atrocities prevent foreign investment? He said: “The point about sanctions is, they send a signal to the government that we’re unhappy with the human rights regime going on at the moment, but we’re well beyond the issue of human rights now. We’re talking about genocide, we’re talking about international crime, so we’re well beyond the sanctions. To see that an investment conference, which is basically the opposite of sanctions, is encouraging investments in the country sends a signal to the Burmese government that what they’ve done to the Rohingya is ok by us and to continue on as you are at the moment.”

Watch the full interview here.



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