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School of Law

The Institute for Global Law, Economics and Finance held its Annual Lecture


On 15 March, the Institute for Global Law, Economics and Finance (IGLEF) and Queen Mary University of London’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies hosted Professor Dr Jens-Hinrich Binder, Chair of Private Law, Commercial Law, Company Law and Securities Law, and Professor Dr Christine Osterloh-Konrad, Chair of Civil Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Comparative Law both at University of Tübingen, Faculty of Law. 

Professor Binder and Professor Osterloh-Konrad gave IGLEF’s Annual Lecture and End of Term Lecture for the LLM in Law and Economics and the MSc in Law and Finance.  Professor Binder discussed how the new approach of “bailing-in” to bank insolvencies could create moral hazard problems. Professor Osterloh-Konrad discussed how tax avoidance could be seen as an unforeseeable interpretation of tax regulations. CCLS students joined in on a lively debate chaired by Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal. They also had an opportunity to interact with the speakers at the ensuing reception.

IGLEF Co-Directors, Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal and Professor Ioannis Kokkoris, took this opportunity to discuss a potential future collaboration between IGLEF and Tübingen who is considering creating a cross-disciplinary research institute similar to IGLEF.



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