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Professor Rudi Fortson spoke to Vice about the tragic festival death of Louella Fletcher-Mitchie

In 2017 Louella Fletcher-Michie was found dead, having taken a large dose of the psychedelic drug 2C-P, allegedly given to her by her boyfriend Ceon. Last week, 30-year-old Ceon, from Enfield in north London, was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years after being found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence, a charge he denied.


Vice spoke to Rudi Fortson QC, a barrister and Professor at Queen Mary University of London who specialises in drug law, about the media and courts condemnation of Ceon. Professor Forston said the prosecution's case was based on Ceon's alleged failure to come to Louella's aid once it became apparent that she was experiencing life-threatening ill-effects. “I imagine that the jury would have been directed that the failure to act must be truly exceptional, and so reprehensible as to amount to 'gross negligence',” he said. Read the whole article on Vice. 



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