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Prof. Van Bueren pens letter to The Times on Human Rights in the UK


Professor Geraldine Van Bueren wrote to The Times letters: “Sir, Strangely for a former Supreme Court judge, Lord Sumption did not provide any reasoning in selecting which internationally recognised human rights he regarded as fundamental and which he did not (“If European court blocks parliament, we should quit”, Jun 5). As the almost universal critical reaction to President Trump’s initial statement — that the NHS would be part of trade talks — illustrates, the right to healthcare implicit in the NHS and included in many national bills of rights is also regarded as a fundamental right. If, post-Brexit, our small island also withdrew from the region’s principal human rights treaty, the European Convention on Human Rights, it would make our position as a European state on the UN security council even harder to justify.”

Click here for the full text [PDF 114KB]



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