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Exploring the role of video games in society


The fifth edition of the international conference More Than Just a Game has taken place in London. Organised by Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) the event examined the role of the Games and Interactive Entertainment Law in society.

Rapid developments in technology have changed the way in which we live and interact with each other. The explosion of social media and the advent of smartphones has transformed daily lives. This is also true for the world of video games.

From moral panics about gaming and violence to exploring issues of cultural diversity, video games are everywhere. More Than Just a Game addressed the fundamental question of how the rules of games and the legal structures of the ‘real world’ interact with one another.

A unique international event

More Than Just a Game is the only international academic-led conference on Interactive Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law. The event attracts a large network of researchers, legal professionals and industry representatives from around the world who are passionate about the fastest-growing sector of the Creative Industries.

Many of the topics addressed in More Than Just a Game have far-reaching implications for future research, law and for the industry. Questions of intellectual property and understanding the health benefits of video games were all part of the agenda. The conference provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, to discuss challenges facing the gaming industry and to explore solutions to legal issues that must be addressed.

Building bridges between academia and industry

More Than Just a Game aims to build bridges between academia, the legal profession, and the Games and Interactive Entertainment industries for the purpose of facilitating high-impact, industry-informed, multidisciplinary research.

Dr Gaetano Dimita, Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies developed More Than Just a Game in 2015. “The way in which we interact with entertainment is changing, technology brings new opportunities as well as unprecedented new challenges and this is especially true for video games,” he said.

“This conference brings together stakeholders from academia and the industry to discuss the latest developments in the world of games and interactive entertainment to inform future policy in this area,” he added.

Find out more about More Than Just a Game here.



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