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Dabus, AI inventor: Dr Shemtov interviewed by FT on AI and law


In a landmark challenge to the international patents regime, a band of legal experts has called on authorities in the US and EU to recognise the “inventorship” of artificial intelligence, highlighting growing anxieties among lawmakers about the rise of machines in the creative process.

In February, a report published by the European Patent Office determined the current European legal framework was “suitable for addressing the inventorship . . . of inventions involving AI activity,” arguing that machines, regardless of their intelligence, should be considered “tools”. The author of the report, Dr Noam Shemtov, of Queen Mary University of London, said it was unlikely AI would advance to such a stage that it required changes in the law for “at least half a century”. “If and when we move to an era of AI systems possessing comprehensive knowledge and cognitive computing abilities, we will have to reassess our relationship with technology,” he said.

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