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Al Jazeera features comment from Dr Lee about the need for peacekeepers in Myanmar


The massacre of ethnic groups in Myanmar’s Rakhine state hasn’t ended, according to a new report by Amnesty International. Now the group wants the UN Security Council to refer the crimes to the International Criminal Court.

Dr Ronan Lee, visiting scholar at Queen Mary’s International State Crime Initiative, spoke to the Al Jazeera programme The Stream about the need for peacekeepers. He said: “Myanmar’s military do not care about the wellbeing of civilians, we’ve seen that in how they’ve mistreated the Rohingya and they are going to continue to mistreat civilians until they’re stopped. It’s time the international community did more than provide food and humanitarian aid after the fact, its time now that there were peacekeepers on the ground.”

Watch the full episode here [Dr Lee's comment at 13:26].



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