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Natalie Brinham discusses nationality verification and genocide in Rohingya for the openDemocracy


In 2016, leaders in a Rohingya village in Rathedaung, were told all Rohingya must now accept identity cards, known as nationality verification cards (NVCs), or they would “no longer be allowed to remain in the country” and be “driven out”. Natalie Brinham, PhD student at Queen Mary, published an article for Open Democracy on why Rohingya refugees risked their lives to refuse ID cards. She writes: “Now, after having fled across the border into Bangladesh, Rohingya are facing a new chapter in their struggle against identity cards. But this time threat is coming from an unexpected source – the United Nations refugee agency – who have proposed a form of documentation which Rohingya claim is almost identical to the cards imposed by the Myanmar state.” Read the whole article here.



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