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School of Law

Dr Nanor Kebranian writes opinion piece on 'Genocide recognition without human rights?' for Humanity Journal


Dr Nanor Kebranian, HERA Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Theory, History, and Human Rights at QMUL, writes an opinion piece for Humanity Journal about April 24, “both a day of mourning and a day of outrage for Armenians.” She writes: “This demand for justice won’t address the state’s reported crimes against the population of Afrin in the name of national security. And it will undoubtedly entail little, if any, scrutiny regarding the country’s current repressive measures against pro-democratic constituents.” Dr Kebranian concludes that if Armenian genocide recognition is to succeed in Turkey, “its advocates among memory lawmakers must prioritise and address the country’s collapsing democratic system and ever-precarious human rights conditions.” Read the full blog.



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