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QML Phd student is lead author of a report on constitutional standards published by the Constitution Unit UCL


Jack Simson Caird, a PhD student at the Queen Mary University of London, is the lead author of a recent report published by the Constitution Unit of University College London.

The report sets out a code of constitutional standards based on the reports of the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. Since 2001 the Committee has made many recommendations in its reports, and the goal of this report was to codify these recommendations in order to make the Committee’s analysis of the constitution more accessible.

The report, by Robert Hazell, Dawn Oliver and Jack Simson Caird, contains a code of 126 constitutional standards, each of which is relevant to the legislative process, and each of which has been extracted from the 149 reports of the Constitution Committee that were reviewed. The standards are organised into five sections: the rule of law; delegated powers, delegated legislation and Henry VIII clauses; the separation of powers; individual rights; and parliamentary procedure.



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