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Professor Mitsilegas at Harvard Roundtable on Constitutional Responses to Terrorism


Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas took part in the Roundtable on Constitutionalism Across Borders in the Struggle Against Terrorism, held at Harvard Law School on 6 and 7 March 2014. Professor Mitsilegas is Head of the Department of Law and Professor of European Criminal Law at Queen Mary University of London.

The Roundtable was organised within the framework of the activities of the International Association of Constitutional Law Research Group on Constitutional Responses to Terrorism. Professor Mitsilegas addressed the relationship between counter-terrorism and constitutional law by focusing on the challenges posed by security responses on the right to privacy. In a panel chaired by Professor David Cole of Georgetown University, Professor Mitsilegas highlighted the constitutional challenges posed by transatlantic counter-terrorism cooperation to European values including the protection of fundamental rights and safeguarding the rule of law.



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