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Leading International Litigation and Arbitration expert joins QML as Distinguished Visiting Professor


Professor Linda Silberman, Martin Lipton Professor of Law at New York University, joins the School of Law at Queen Mary as Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Professor Silberman is a leading international litigation and arbitration expert and has testified before the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Courts, Commercial and Administrative Law, while the committee was considering US Federal Legislation on a national standard for recognising and enforcing foreign judgments in the US. Professor Silberman has also served as an Adviser to the American Law Institute’s (ALI) Restatement Third of the US Law of International Commercial Arbitration.

Professor Silberman is at Queen Mary for the spring semester in 2014. She has made insightful and contemporary contributions to the International and Comparative Commercial Arbitration classes run by Professor Loukas Mistelis.



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