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School of Law

New working papers in our Legal Studies Research Papers Series

You can now view contributions from the Legal Scholarship Network at Queen Mary, University of London on our new Working Papers Series page.

  • 50-2010 Personal Financial Incentives in Health Promotion: Where Do They Fit in an Ethic of Autonomy? - Richard Ashcroft
  • 49-2010 The Sociospatial Mechanics of Domination: Transcending the ‘Exclusion/Inclusion' Dualism - Leonidas K Cheliotis
  • 48-2010 Online Gambling in the European Union: A Tug of War Without a Winner? - Julia Hörnle#
  • 47-2010 Inconvenient Marriages, or What Happens When Ethnic Minorities Marry Trans-Jurisdictionally According to Their Self-Chosen Norms - Prakash Shah
  • 46-2010 Does Legal Pluralism Need a Concept of Law? - Roger Cotterrell



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