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School of Law

External Mooting Success for Queen Mary mooting team

The Queen Mary undergraduate mooting team demonstrated their excellent mooting skills in the autumn term 2009.


On 29 November, the Queen Mary mooting team came top of the leaderboard in the 3rd round of the LUMS Shield Competition, gaining a score of 16, beating all of the other 7 London universities in this round of the competition. On 8 December, the Queen Mary team won against LSE in this round of the ESU Essex Court Chambers Competition.

On 4 December, the Queen Mary team put in a fine effort against the University of Hertfordshire in the first round of the OUP competition. Congratulations to all of the team, and to their Moot Master, Bonis Llukaci.

Mooting, the verbal presentation of a legal issue or problem, an exercise designed to give students the closest experience to appearing in court, is represented by the Queen Mary Student Mooting Society. This society plays an active part of undergraduate life at Queen Mary.



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