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School of Law

Leadership ‘Out of the Box’

This cutting-edge programme explores the latest thinking on developing your leadership capability and gives you practical tips from our expert faculty and industry leaders on how to grow into your leadership role.

A group of office workers in a meeting

The course explores four different aspects of leadership:

  • Getting Started with Leadership – how you can best navigate your “world of work”, and the organisational situation you are operating within, manage your stakeholders, and understand what leadership means.
  • Stepping Up: Preparing Yourself for Leadership – including issues such as building your self-awareness, when should you ‘step in’ as a leader, how you align with your boss, and also manage your energy and well-being as a leader.
  • Stepping Up: Leading Others – understanding best-practice in team leadership, how you delegate and engage your team members, and achieve a good balance between challenge and support as a leader.
  • Influencing the Organisation – the wider, cross-functional perspective of leadership, managing complex stakeholder and matrix environments, and ‘nudging’ cultural change.

The course is available now through the global learning platform Coursera:

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