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CLSGC Policy Lecture: 'The Politics of Climate Change Negotiation’ by Dr Dan Bondi Ogolla

Event Podcast

10 February 2016

Listen to a podcast of the CJC Seminar Series: 'Current Challenges in European Criminal Law' - Caroline Morgan (approx 1 hour, 50 minutes). Choose 'Play' to play video, slides and audio.

This event was hosted by the Criminal Justice Centre (CJC), School of Law, Queen Mary University of London.

About the event

The seminar, titled ‘EU Defence Rights – The Road to The Roadmap’, was delivered by Caroline Morgan (Senior Political Analyst, Representation of the European Commission in the UK) as part of the Criminal Justice Centre (CJC) series on 'Current Challenges in European Criminal Law'.

This series brings together leading scholars and practitioners of European Criminal Law in order to address some of its contemporary issues. The level of fundamental rights protection afforded to individuals by the EU legislator lies at the heart of the lectures. In particular, instruments such as the recent proposal for a revised Directive on combating terrorism and the Directives on procedural rights are critically examined. In addition, the recent judgment of the CJEU in Taricco sparks the debate as to role of the Courts in the configuration of European and national Criminal law.