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School of Law

EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment in Context Series (Part I)

When: Monday, March 8, 2021, 9:00 AM - 12:40 PM
Where: Online

EUPLANT logo sat above the Erasmus+ logo which states 'with the generous support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European UnionThe conclusion ‘in principle’ of the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment between China and the EU (CAI) is a watershed event in global investment treaty practice. Because of the size and importance of the PRC-EU bilateral investment relationship, and because of the leading role both parties have played in the global spread of investment treaties, the issues raised and lessons drawn from the PRC-EU case will have ramifications well beyond China and Europe. The School of Law at Queen Mary University of London and City University of Hong Kong, the Jean Monnet Network on EU-China Legal and Judicial Cooperation, and the Asia-Pacific FDI Network are proud to announce this series of two events on the CAI. The first webinar to be held on 8 March will focus on the areas of convergence and divergence as well as the dispute resolution aspects of the CAI. The second webinar will be structured around two sessions focusing on the right of states to regulate as well as the ratification process.


9am-12:40pm London Time // 5-8.40pm Beijing time

Opening remarks

9am London time // 5pm Beijing time

Dr Matthieu Burnay (Queen Mary) and Professor Julien Chaisse (City University of Hong Kong)

Introductory remarks

9:10am London time // 5:10 Beijing time

Ms Sylvia Baule (European Commission)

Session 1: EU and China Investments: Areas of Convergence and Divergence

9:30am London time (5:30pm Beijing time)

Chair: Professor Julien Chaisse

  • Services and market, by Dr Pascal Kerneis (European Services Forum)
  • SOEs by Dr Lu Wang (UNSW)
  • Arbitration Clauses Limited to Compensation due to Expropriation, by Dr Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa (European University Institute)

Discussants: Dr Chien-Huei Wu (Academia Sinica) and Professor José Luís de Sales Marques (Institute of European Studies of Macau)

Session 2: EU and China investment disputes: To ISDS or not to ISDS?

11:00am London time (7:00pm Beijing time)

Chair: Dr Matthieu Burnay

  • European approach towards ISDS reform, by Ms. Adinda Sinnaeve (European Commission)
  • The state of China’s experience in ISDS, by Professor Chi Manjiao (UIBE)
  • China’s approach towards ISDS reform, by Professor Ming Du (Durham University)
  • Issues around ISDS in CAI, Professor Tong Qi (Wuhan University)

Discussants: Professor Li Yuwen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Dr Daniel Behn (Queen Mary)

Concluding remarks

12:30am London time (8:30pm Beijing time)

Concluding remarks

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