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Institute of Dentistry - Barts and The London

Dr Elena Calciolari, DDS, MS(Perio), PhD


Clinical Senior Lecturer in Translational Dental Medicine

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 3134
Room Number: Office 4, Floor 4, Institute of Dentistry



Dr Calciolari graduated in Dentistry at the University of Parma in 2010 and completed a Master in Periodontology at the University of Siena in 2012. In 2012 she won a 3-year scholarship from the Italian Society of Periodontology, which supported her PhD on bone regeneration at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute of London under the supervision of Professor Nikos Donos and Dr Nikos Mardas.

In 2015 she joined Queen Mary University of London as a research fellow first and then she became a part-time clinical lecturer in Periodontology in 2017.
In 2019 she was appointed clinical senior lecturer in translational dental medicine. Dr Calciolari has presented the results of her research at several national and international conferences in the field of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, including International Association of Dental Research (IADR), European Association of Osseointegration (EAO), British Society of Periodontology (BSP), Italian Society of Periodontology (SIdP) and Europerio. She has taken part in the past European Federation of Periodontology workshops and in 2019 she was elected as Osteology Expert Council Member.

 Centre: Centre for Oral Clinical Research

Centre: Centre for Oral Immunobiology and Regenerative Medicine


Dr Calciolari is involved in teaching activities both with undergraduates and post-graduates at QMUL. In particular, she delivers lectures on periodontal anatomy, oral health and oral hygiene, management of gingivitis and periodontitis, patient-based outcomes and supportive periodontal therapy, as well as on the use of biomaterials for bone and periodontal regeneration to undergraduates. She also delivers lectures, seminars and hands-on for DCLinDent and MSc students in Periodontology.

She is a PhD supervisor and a tutor of several DCLinDent students. In particular, she delivers lectures on research methodology and systematic reviews, pre-clinical models of periodontal and bone regeneration, biomaterials for bone and periodontal regeneration, use of host modulators and use of salivary and gingival crevicular fluid markers


Research Interests:

Dr Calciolari’s main research interests are bone regeneration and the effect of systemic diseases on the oral cavity. In particular, she is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms and signalling pathways behind osseous regeneration and how to target them to enhance clinical outcomes also in systemically compromised patients. She is currently involved in several pre-clinical and clinical studies in the field of periodontology, implant dentistry and regenerative medicine.

Dr Calciolari’s contribution to the dental field has already been recognized by the Italian Society of Periodontology, which awarded her with the 2014 Goldman award for clinical research and by the Alpha Omega London Chapter and Charitable Trust, that offered her the 2014 John Zamet prize. In 2017 she has been awarded the prestigious L’Oréal-UNESCO for women in science award, being the first Italian dentist to receive it. In 2018 she also received the IADR Women in Science Distinguished Research Award. 



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Full list of publications can be found at: