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Practice Interviews

Practice interview appointments are for people who have been invited to attend an interview. If you have a video interview, or don't yet have an interview lined up, you should instead look at our Interview Resources. 

How to book your appointment

You can only book a Practice Interview appointment by calling us on 020 7882 8533. 

Please note that we do not arrange appointments via email (except if you are abroad and unable to call in to the UK, in which case we can then arrange the appointment via email at

Graduates: If you have just graduated, you can still access QM Careers Hub, however your student details will no longer work and you will need to register for an alumni account. Once you have registered, the Careers team will approve this and merge your existing student account with your new alumni account so you don’t lose any of your profile. If you have any questions, please contact

How to prepare for your appointment

Once you have booked your appointment, you will recieve a confirmation email asking you to submit details about your upcoming interview. You MUST complete this form 24 hours before your appointment so that the careers consultant is able to prepare appropriate questions. Get in touch via if you have any questions. 

Virtual appointments

Before your virtual appointment, you will need to either download the MS Teams App onto your mobile or tablet, or download the MS Teams desktop version onto your computer.


If you are a student with an active QMUL email address, please log into MS Teams ahead of your appointment and wait for your Adviser to call you. You will need to sign in to MS Teams using the following format: e.g.


If you are a graduate using a non-QMUL email address, you will receive a calendar invitation from inviting you to a meeting on MS Teams at your appointment time. At the time of your appointment, please follow the calendar invitation link and join the meeting.

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